Scarlet Architect

From the 1982 Scarlet Architect press kit:

Scarlet Architect is governed by a desire to be portable, intelligently melodic, and communicative.

Doug Chamberlin

Wrote and directed two musical productions commissioned by the American Academy of Religion and Philosophy at Adrian College.  Composed and recorded soundtracks for the following films:  Giving Way, by Gaylon Emerzian; winner of Silver Plaque and the Wm. Friedkin Award at the 1980 Chicago International Film Festival; Who’s There For The Victim?; by Michael Hirsch, WTTW Channel 11, winner of Emmy, 1981; soundtrack nominated for Emmy; Rowdy & Doc; a Gaines and Associates film;  Father’s Day, by Gaylon Emerzian; and The Expert, a Filmfair production.

Worked with Kate Fagan of Heavy Manners on her solo record release party for Disturbing Records “I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool” b/w “Waiting for the Crisis”) as guitarist  Co-wrote and performed music for Schiff-Woltzjen production “No One Talks Anymore” presented at Exit, 1981.  Co-founder of “Distracted:” guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter for much of the material performed.  Worked as interim keyboardist and vocalist in studio for Ministry.

Collaborated on several performance pieces with San Francisco perfomance artist Jose Maria Bustos (Bosco).  Presently working as keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter for Scarlet Architect.

Ron Rutherford

Ron has played guitar in various bands for 10 years.  In Chicago, he debuted as guitarist and keyboardist with fellow “Architects” Tim Prettyman and Doug Chamberlin in a “wavish” pop band, Distracted.  Ron also appears on Kate Fagan’s Disturbing records release “I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool” b/w “Waiting for the Crisis,” playing all keyboard and guitar parts.  Doug and Ron went on to back Kate live at her record release party.

Keyboardist is a relatively recently acquired role for Ron.  Personnel changes in previous bands 2 to 3 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan, required Ron to risk putting the guitar aside to play various synth and piano parts.  Many songs found him playing both guitar and keyboard parts.  Versatility is certainly one of his creative attributes.

Among musical achievements, Ron has done numerous soundtracks for independent filmmakers in the Chicago area and for WTTW, PBS productions; written and performed 12-tone and avant-garde composition at the University of Michigan; recorded music for performance artists in the Chicago area; performed in two musical productions written by Doug Chamberlin; and of course, has played, written and performed with Scarlet Architect since its inception.

Tim Prettyman

Prior to Tim’s move to Chicago in the Summer of 1980, he played bass with 3 Ann Arbor based bands:  Beginnings, Special Guest and Cinema.  Tim moved to Chicago to assist in the formation of Distracted, a guitar-keyboard pop band with XTC and Magazine influences.

With the formation of Scarlet Architect in 1981, he transferred his bass playing talents to keyboards, greatly expanding the range of sound textures and phrasing available to him.

Since moving to Chicago, Time has performed on soundtracks for locally-produced and directed films:  Giving Way, Who’s There For The Victim?, Rowdy & Doc and Father’s Day, with “Victim” and “Giving Way” receiving national awards.

He has performed music for San Francisco perfomance artist Jose Maria Bustos (Bosco) and for the 1981 Schiff-Woltzjen production No One Talks Anymore, presented at Exit.